Complete some steps to have your home's interior painter ready. By making preparations for the contractor and crew who you have hired, there will be no scheduling delays associated with the paint project.

Order Paint in Advance

Your contractor may need to order paint products that are in high demand. If so, having your order placed early will ensure that your hired help can begin the project on the original date that you have scheduled. If you will be ordering custom colors of paint, it may take longer to prepare the paint products for the project.

Consult with your contractor about your preferences. Acquire paint swatches and sample paint products that can be used to make your final decision about which paint to use for the project.

Confirm your decisions with your contractor before the project commences. Once you've done so, your contractor will take measurements of all of the surfaces that are being painted. They will then place an order for standard and custom paint products that are needed to complete the project.

Move Possessions

Move furniture, decorations, and other items that could hinder the contractor's and paint crew's ability to perform their job duties. Place all of these items in a garage or a room that will not interfere with the painting project while it is underway.

If any of the items are too large to move from the room and store in an alternate location, move each item away from any surfaces that are going to be painted. Drape a drop cloth or another protective cover over each item.

Clear Entryways

Your contractor and paint crew will likely need to move ladders and other equipment into your home. Make sure that each entryway that your hired help will be using is not blocked. If the paint crew could potentially be walking in and out of your home while the project is underway, use waterproof floor runners to protect carpeting and other flooring that will need to be walked upon during the project.

Clean Surfaces

Use a vacuum hose to remove dust from surfaces that are going to be painted. Apply an all-purpose cleaning agent to any stains that are on exposed surfaces. These preliminary steps may seem basic but can actually speed the painting project along. Since your contractor and paint crew will not need to take the time to conduct extensive prep steps, they can immediately get to work on painting each surface.

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