Have your monthly energy costs soared beyond the range that you typically pay each month? A rise in energy costs is a sign that your heating system boiler is possibly damaged and no longer as energy efficient as it once was. For example, there might be something wrong that is preventing the boiler from heating your home as quickly as it did in the past. Slow heating means that you must run the heater longer and pay higher energy costs to enjoy the comfort of a warm home. Before you decide to get rid of the boiler, hire a professional to assess the problem and determine if repairs can be made.

Water Has Been Leaking from the Boiler

A water leak is not only detrimental to the energy efficiency of a boiler but can also affect other aspects of your home. For example, parts of the boiler can erode and stop functioning if a water leak is not repaired soon enough. The electrical aspects of the boiler can get damaged as well as present a risk for electrical shock. A water leak can also cause mold growth near the boiler and raise the humidity level in your home. High humidity levels can cause multiple problems, including mold growing in other areas of your home, attracting pests, and creating the odor of mildew.

The Pilot Light is No Longer Glowing Blue

When there is a drop in the level of energy efficiency from a boiler, it can be due to the pilot malfunctioning. For example, the pilot flame may not burn as hot as it should if there is a problem at home. If you have noticed a change in the color of the pilot light, it is a sign that a repair is needed. A pilot light that is functioning properly should have a blue glow, and other colors could be dangerous. You do not want to leave the pilot in bad shape for a long time because it is possibly emitting carbon monoxide into your home.

Noises Are Coming from the Boiler

If your boiler has begun to make a lot of noise, it is a sign that you need to call a contractor to make a repair. The noise can be the result of the water pressure in the boiler being too low, which a contractor can fix. You might also need to get a new pump installed, as a bad pump can cause noise and interfere with the energy efficiency of the boiler.

Reach out to a boiler repair services company to learn more.