Garage doors have quite an intense workload, especially when you consider that they are continuously moving up and down, lifting dozens (if not over a hundred pounds), and are expected to do all of this in any weather and temperature. It is no surprise that, eventually, your garage door will begin to show signs of wear and tear. It is important that when you notice these little symptoms that you address them straight away, and do not wait for your garage door to fail completely. Here are a few reasons why garage door repair is so much more preferable to garage door replacement.

Stuck Vehicle

If you do wait until your garage door fails on you then you take a huge risk of allowing your car to be stuck in your garage for a time. If the door gets stuck and your car is still in there, then there really is nothing you can do until a contractor comes and releases you and replaces the door. This can be a nightmarish scenario for someone who has a really important meeting or needs to drive to earn their living, which is why you should be more proactive as soon as you sense your door is starting to show signs of aging.

Extremely Expensive

If you call for garage door repair before the door fully breaks down, then the cost of the repairs will be far lower. Replacing a slightly damaged component is much easier than replacing whole systems and even the entire garage door. Make sure to look out for the common warning signs, like jittery movement, loud noises as it opens and closes, and a delay in response time from when you try and open it. There is no reason you have to spend an arm and a leg to fix your door, act quickly and it could be a fraction of that.


When a garage door breaks down completely it doesn't always do it while it is shut, sometimes it will finally give way as it is closing or opening. If the spring or rollers break during this process, the garage door can swing down shut and smash your vehicle and, if you are unlucky, injure yourself as well. While this is certainly rare, it is very much a possibility, and it is why a garage door repair is more important than you might have first thought, so do not delay it.

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