The foundations of homes, offices, and other structures provide an even, waterproof surface on which to build. Unfortunately, the earth can shift over time, and erosion can cause foundations to become less stable than they once were. Cracks and leaks in your foundation can also cause problems. Fortunately, foundation repair contractors can perform repairs to salvage damaged foundations, which can save you the expense of total foundation replacement. However, prompt repair work is essential to ensure the best outcomes. Be on the lookout for these signs that your foundation is in need of restoration: 

1. Windows and doors are no longer flush.

Over time, foundations may sink into the earth. This may be especially likely when homes are built on soft, porous materials, such as clay. If your foundation is sinking into the earth, you may notice that your windows and doors are no longer flush in their moorings. It's important to have sinking foundations re-leveled to avoid cracks and other forms of structural damage to your building and its foundation.

2. Exterior walls show signs of rotation.

Foundation damage can also appear in the form of wall rotation. Wall rotation occurs when foundations shift over time. Since the visible part of your building's structure is seated on the foundation, a shifting foundation will also cause the rest of your home to move. Wall rotation can cause deep structural damage to your home or office building. Prompt foundation repair can combat the effects of wall rotation before it worsens.

3. Interior walls or floors are cracked.

Foundation damage can also be apparent in cracks in the interior walls and floors of your home. Cracks in the floor will usually be apparent on the lowermost level of your home, which may be your basement or first floor, depending on the construction of your building. Cracked interiors are a sign of a failing foundation, which can be fixed by a foundation repair team.

4. Water is seeping up from the floor.

Finally, water seeping up through the floor of your home may be a sign of foundation damage. In order to solve this problem, a foundation repair team will first repair any structural damage to your foundation. Next, they will improve your foundation's waterproofing using membranes and waterproof coatings. Depending on the severity of the water damage to your foundation, your repair team may also suggest the installation of drainage systems around your home to direct water away from your foundation.

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