Some concrete companies work on a variety of different projects, including both residential and commercial projects. Others specialize in one or the other type of concrete. This might be confusing to you if you don't know a lot about the world of concrete, since you might assume that most concrete projects are pretty similar. However, there are actually some key differences between residential and commercial concrete. Some of the differences in the world of commercial concrete can be found below.

The Project Is Typically Bigger

First of all, of course, both residential and commercial concrete projects can both vary in size. Sometimes, people have big residential concrete projects to take on, and sometimes, commercial projects are on the smaller side. As a whole, however, commercial projects are often quite a bit bigger than residential concrete projects. For example, if a concrete slab is being poured so that a large commercial building can be constructed, then the project is probably going to be bigger than the average residential project. If a commercial parking lot is being poured, then it will probably be a pretty big project, too. 

Companies that tackle commercial concrete projects often know that they will be working on bigger projects in many cases. Because of this, they typically have bigger trucks and equipment, access to more material, and bigger crews of installers. This allows them to be ready to take on just about any job that their commercial clients might contact them about.

The Concrete Mix Is Often Thicker

Concrete companies have to mix up their own concrete by adding water to the concrete mixture. Varying amounts of liquid can be added to make concrete mix of varying thicknesses. For commercial projects, the concrete often has to be stronger and more durable, which means that it might be made into a thicker mix. Concrete professionals who are used to doing commercial projects typically know about the right mix to use to ensure the concrete is ready for commercial use.

More Reinforcement Might Be Added

It's common for rebar, mesh, and other reinforcement to be used in concrete projects of all different types and sizes. However, with commercial projects, additional reinforcement is often needed.

As you can see, there are some key differences between residential and commercial concrete, even though both types of concrete projects do have their similarities, too. If you need to have a commercial concrete project done, then you should make sure that you contact a commercial concrete service. Then, the concrete contractors who work on your project should know what to do to provide you with the right results.

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