Pavement maintenance for your commercial parking lot is necessary to keep the area clear for safe parking and traffic and for pedestrians while it keeps a positive image for your business. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of your commercial asphalt parking lot for a successful business.

Maintain Its Surface

The condition of your parking lot is going to depend on its surface appearance and the regular upkeep of the pavement's structure. Over time, as your pavement gets worn down and ages, it is going to experience wear and tear—especially from traffic and the sun's drying effects. Take time to keep up your asphalt by regularly cleaning it to remove dirt and debris, oil stains, and vegetation that comes up through the edges. This will not only make your pavement look nice but it will protect it against moisture damage. 

Also, when you are regularly cleaning the surface of your paved parking lot, you will notice the small cracks that begin to grow larger so you can repair them in a timely manner. Ignoring the condition of your pavement and neglecting its condition will eventually erode into your pavement's structure and affect its performance as your business' parking surface.

As you take care of the pavement and recognize when it is forming cracks and crevices, request professional repairs to patch and fill the cracks. Leaving cracks and crevices open and exposed will lead to extensive damage to the surface of your asphalt. Small cracks grow into wider cracks and spread through the surface of your pavement, eventually forming potholes that merge together and result in extensive damage.

Watch For Good Drainage

Another important element to your commercial parking lot's maintenance is to watch out for problems with the drainage over its surface. Water is one of the most damaging elements to your pavement and can erode a solid surface quickly, so be on the lookout for sunken spots and areas where water pools after a rainstorm or during the spring thaw. 

These sunken spots on your parking lot can be caused by many issues below the asphalt's surface and can occur in newly paved asphalt. So whether your pavement is new or old, you should always be mindful of its drainage. The best way to repair a sunken spot is to have the pavement removed and the foundation materials repaired to provide full support to your asphalt top layer. Consult with an asphalt professional to find out the best recommendation for repairing your asphalt parking lot and removing the occurrence of sunken spots. Then, make sure there are adequate drainage systems through the parking area.

For more help with your paved parking lot, contact a commercial asphalt paving service today.