Although residential and commercial plumbing may differ, they are the same in some ways. Commercial plumbing has many of the same problems as the plumbing in your home, but the problems are often of a larger scale and take on more importance.

Quick repairs to plumbing equipment are essential when you're operating a shop, restaurant, or office building. Maintenance is even more important so commercial plumbing problems can be prevented. Here are some problems you might encounter with your commercial plumbing and why quick repairs are important.

Leaky Pipes

Pipes can leak under sinks or behind walls and create a variety of problems. For instance, the dampness attracts bugs, and the last thing your business needs is a pest problem. Keeping your building dry is a top priority so you can keep pests at bay and maintain good air quality. When a leak leads to water damage, your building might grow mold and develop a musty odor. This might irritate your employees with allergies, so repairing water leaks right away is an important part of commercial plumbing maintenance.

Toilet Clogs

Depending on the type of business you operate, you could have ongoing problems with toilet clogs due to the way the public treats your plumbing. If your toilets get a lot of public use, then paper clogs are more likely since people may abuse your plumbing in ways they wouldn't at home. Plus, some people may be deliberately destructive and cause toilets to clog and overflow on purpose.

It's good to form a relationship with a commercial plumbing service so you have someone to call when a toilet is clogged. Keeping your toilets in good working order is very important for your employees and customers. Clearing out a clog isn't something you can put off, and you may need emergency services to get your toilet working again.

A clogged toilet is unsanitary and it can give your business a bad reputation, especially if the problem toilet is in a restaurant. It's a good practice to have a cleaning crew clean the toilets daily and monitor them for slow flushing so toilets that have small clogs can be cleared before the clog causes the toilet to back up and spill sewage on the floor.

Broken Faucets

If you still have bathroom faucets with handles, you may need the handles repaired occasionally if they start leaking. However, you might want to talk to your commercial plumber about switching to motion-controlled faucets to prevent wasting water and to avoid the need for so many plumbing repairs.

Broken faucets are annoying when they cause a drip or when they are difficult to turn. Plus, handles harbor germs. Switching to motion-controlled faucets makes your bathrooms more sanitary and it may cut down on the transmission of diseases among your employees.

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