Today's contractors use roof trusses to create a modern and optimized structural support system for residential buildings. Trusses have replaced rafters as the support of choice and for good reason.

Learn more about the benefits that roof trusses can offer so that you will be able to see the value in using trusses instead of rafters when building your home.

1. Controlled Manufacturing

One of the major differences between roof trusses and rafters is the way in which these supports are manufactured.

Rafters are typically made on-site. This means that they are exposed to environmental elements that can compromise their strength and integrity.

Roof trusses are manufactured in a controlled setting. The controlled environment where roof trusses are created allows manufacturers to produce supports that meet strict design parameters.

The safety and quality of each roof truss can be verified before it leaves the manufacturing facility. As a result, roof trusses tend to be more uniform and reliable than rafters over time.

2. Faster Installation

Construction projects are notorious for falling behind schedule. Opting to use rafters as a support system can extend the amount of time it takes to build a home.

Each rafter must be hand-measured and crafted on-site before being installed. There is a significant margin for error, and many rafters have to be altered and reinstalled multiple times before they fit just right.

Since trusses come pre-assembled, they can be installed quickly and easily. Most contractors can have roof trusses set in place in as little as a day.

If you want to streamline your construction project and ensure you finish on time, choose roof trusses.

3. Lower Cost

Roof trusses may seem more expensive than rafters at first, but it's important to compare the two from start to finish in order to determine which is the cheapest.

You must factor in the cost of materials and labor when determining the value of rafters. Since rafters take more time to assemble and install, you can expect to pay a lot more in labor fees when relying on these supports.

Roof trusses require less installation. Since they are assembled before being purchased, the cost of trusses will not fluctuate based on current lumber prices. Using roof trusses allows your contractor to save time and provide you with a more accurate estimate.

In the end, roof trusses are the more affordable option for supporting the roof of your new home.

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