Septic sewer waste is a regular part of your household, especially when your home is connected to a septic sewer system. And because you rely on your sewer septic system as part of household improvement to keep your life clean and maintained, you need to take the right care of your waste system. Here are some tips to help you keep your septic sewer system working well and maintained in good condition.

Arrange For Regular Service

When you regularly use your home septic sewer system, it is going to need regular care and maintenance. It is important for you to understand as a homeowner how often your septic tank will need pumping to remove the solid waste that fills the tank. Otherwise your tank will become overfilled with solid waste, which will push it into the drainfield lines.

Based on the size capacity of your septic tank, it will become filled within a period of time, usually anywhere three to five years. If you are not sure of your tank's capacity or how full it is currently, contact your septic professional for a tank inspection. They will be able to check the tank's current waste level to gauge how full it is and find out the tank's size. Then you can arrange to schedule your tank to be pumped and inspected every few years.

Handle Clogs and Damage 

There may come a time when your septic tank and system becomes clogged with debris, overflows improperly into the drain field or backs up into your home through the drains or toilets. It is important that you know what to look for with your sewer system so you can handle the emergency maintenance to keep it on track. 

If you notice sewer coming up into your home through drains, it may be that your tank is full and needs an emergency pumping service. Your drainfield lines may have a clog somewhere within the line that is preventing waste water from seeping out through the perforations. Contact your septic professional and they can arrange to visit your property to complete the service. This emergency service will restore your system to working condition and also empty your tank of solid waste. 

The drainfield site on your property can give you signs of problems in your system. If the vegetation above the site is unusually lush and green, this is indicative that your drainfield lines are leaching too much waste due to a system overflow. This will also require you to request an emergency septic system cleaning through the tank or the drainfield lines, depending on the problem. Reach out to a professional for an emergency sewer pumping service.