The well on your property is important to the health and safety of your household. You rely on it to provide clean and reliable water for your family. To keep it in the best condition possible, you need to have it inspected and maintained on a regular basis. These steps are some to ensure that your water system maintenance technician includes on his or her checklist for your well.

Checking the Filter

To make your well water safe to drink and use, you need to filter it before it reaches your taps. The filter removes debris like dirt and fertilizers from the water. It also eliminates viruses and bacteria that can make you sick.

When you hire a technician to maintain your well, you need to make sure that he or she checks your well's filter. Depending on how often you hire this contractor, you may need him or her to change out the filter entirely. Routine changes of filters, particularly every three to four months, is critical for keeping your well water safe to drink and use each day.

Checking the pH Levels

You also need your maintenance contractor to check the pH balance of your well when he or she inspects and maintains it for you. You need the pH balance to be as close to neutral as possible. You do not want it to be too acidic nor too basic.

The contractor can add a water softener to the well to bring down the acid level in the water. He or she can also add salt to the water to draw out excess base levels. You get water with a balanced pH level that you can use for cooking, showering, washing laundry, and other uses.

Inspecting the Pump

Finally, your maintenance technician should check your well's pump to ensure that it works properly. The pump must provide the power to pump out and transport the water from your well to the filter and then to your taps. The technician can gauge this power and maintain the well pump by adding lubricants to prevent it from overheating or wearing out.

These steps should be on your water well systems technician's checklist. They ensure that your water is filtered and safe to use. They also prevent your well pump from wearing out prematurely. Regular water system maintenance is critical for your well. Contact a company like Golden Gate Well Drilling & Water Conditioning to learn more.