When you have air conditioning maintenance done by a professional, all parts of the air handler and condenser are checked and serviced. This ensures your equipment is in good shape and ready for daily use over the hot weather season. Here are three important parts of your AC that a service technician ensures are in good working order so your AC keeps you nice and cool without driving up your electricity bill.

1. The Refrigeration System

A slow refrigerant leak causes your AC to run longer and work harder to keep your home cool. One thing a service technician may do is check the pressure in the refrigerant lines to rule out the possibility of a leak. If your AC has a leak, you want to know it so repairs can be done.

The refrigerant system is composed of copper coils that create a circuit through the indoor air handler and the condenser outside. The refrigerant flows through these coils and removes heat from your house. A leak interferes with the ability of the refrigerant to keep your home cool, and dirty coils do the same thing.

One important part of air conditioning maintenance is checking the coils to see if they need to be cleaned, and if so, to clean them. Dust and pollutants from the air build up on the coils and cause problems that include pitting and corrosion of the copper lines. Dust can also act like a blanket that keeps the refrigerant inside the lines from cooling your home. A service technician cleans the coils inside and outside when needed so the refrigerant can cool your home as intended.

2. The Air Circulation System

Besides refrigerant, your AC needs air circulation to do its job. This includes circulation manufactured by the fans and natural circulation through the filter and around the condenser outside. Dust is one of the main enemies of air circulation. You can combat this problem yourself by changing the filter on schedule so dust is kept out of the air handler. An air conditioning maintenance technician can help also when performing annual maintenance by cleaning the blower fan in the air handler. The technician may also need to clean and straighten the fins on the outdoor coils so they have plenty of air circulation.

3. The Electronics

The electrical system and electronics in your AC need to be maintained as well. Poor connections and loose wires can keep your AC from responding to the thermostat. Your AC has a motor in the air handler and one in the condenser for controlling the fans. These motors have electronic parts that wear out due to age or exposure to outdoor conditions. Parts like the capacitors can be checked with a meter and replaced if necessary so your AC can kick on and off like it should without causing problems that stress the motors or drive up your power bill.

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