The protection your home roof provides you and your family with is invaluable, so it is essential that you take care of this area on your home so it can continue to take care of you. Your roof can be at risk of damage and problems, so it is important to be aware of any risks and to handle them with regular care and upkeep. Here are some ways you can keep your home's roof in good condition so that it provides protection for your home.

Install Sufficient Ventilation

Your roof can trap a lot of heat within the attic space of your home, so it is important that you keep it well ventilated with vents through the roof and the overhang. There is a minimum requirement for roofing ventilation, but you should install a sufficient amount to keep your roof cool and prevent heat damage from the interior of the roof. In the winter if heat builds up in the attic, it will lead to ice dams and shingle damage along your roof's edge.

Talk to your roofing professional about checking your roof's ventilation. They will be able to add more ventilation if it is needed, such as along the roof's ridge or under the eaves.

Manage Pest Problems

Pests can also find their way into your roof and attic space from time to time, especially if your roof is not maintained. Watch out for any bird nests in your roof's soffit or wasps congregating around your roof. A pest nest inside your soffits and attic space can cause serious problems to your home.

Keep an eye out for any areas of your soffits that may be hanging loose, or a crack or gap in the fascia or the roof's saddle or valley.

Invest in a Roof Replacement

After your existing roof has been in place for many years and begins to wear out, you will need to look at its replacement. You may want to plan in advance to establish a budget and savings to cover this expense, as it is necessary for your home's continued protection. 

When your home's existing roof shingles begin to curl up, crack, and fall off your roof in a windstorm, the best option is to remove the old shingles first before applying a new roof. The reason for this is to inspect the roof's foundation and roofing deck to check for any moisture damage or dry rot. This is also important because applying a new roof over the old one creates a lot of unnecessary weight on the roof. 

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