Careful planning is essential to avoid problems and obstacles when you're having excavation work performed on your property. There are numerous things you may want to do ahead of time to prepare to have excavation work done.

 The following are six things you may need to know in preparation for hiring an excavation service to perform work on your property. 

The information provided by a land survey

Having land surveyed before excavation work is a good idea. A land survey can provide important information on the angle of the land.

Unexpected sloping in a piece of land can complicate excavation if it is not identified in advance. This could lead to added excavation work that could set you behind on your building schedule.

The results of a soil analysis of the area

In addition to a land survey, a soil analysis can also provide information that's important when it comes to planning and executing excavation work.

Determining the mineral makeup of the soil can help with gauging the stability of the soil. This information helps to ensure that land will be able to support any structures built upon it and help prevent structural problems down the road. 

The details of the construction plans

You should ideally have all of your building plans drawn out before excavation work begins. Your excavator can reference your plans in determining exactly what work is necessary during excavation to prepare the land to have the foundation laid. 

The location of all utility lines

Knowing the location of utility lines is essential. Ground should never be broken for excavation work before utility lines are located. 

Damaging utility lines during excavation can have drastic consequences. Utility line damage can be costly and create safety hazards. Your excavator needs to know the location of utility lines to carefully work around them to prevent damage and injury. 

The water table height of your worksite 

Knowing the water table height is important. Your excavator needs to know if groundwater pooling is possible or likely on your land. If the water table is particularly high on your land, you probably need to have water pumped away from the site before excavation can begin. 

The need to acquire a permit or meet other municipal requirements

It's essential to acquire any necessary permits before excavation work begins. Otherwise, you could be subject to severe penalties and required to pay hefty fines for not being compliant.